Advanced Technologies for Desulphurisation of Coke Oven Gas

Paper presented on ICC 2009, 20-22 January 2009, Ranchi, India


Dr. Frank Sowa, Bjoern Otten, Johannes Kamp
DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Cokemaking Technology Division,
Am Technologiepark 1, 45307 Essen, Germany
Dr. Emanuele Proface
Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A., Via di Francia 1, 16149 Genova, Italy

 The processes  for desulphurisation of coke oven gas can be subdivided into different methods:

• Dry oxidation processes
• Wet oxidation processes
• Absorption/stripping process
As first step this paper provides an overview of the most common desulphurisation processes and elaborates the differences in the case of the individual processes and process combinations as a function of the requirements to the gas purity and environmental protection. The overview offers a basis for concrete planning of the desulphurisation process.
As second step two common desulphurisation processes are compared in terms of technical process routes and Total Cost of Operation (TCO), i.e. capital and operational costs as well as revenues from saleable products.