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Interesting study and research reports:

American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute

ACCCI was formed in 1944 by companies interested in establishing a forum to discuss and act upon issues of common concern to the metallurgical coke and coal chemicals industry. Today, ACCCI members represent over 95% of the metallurgical coke produced in the U.S. and Canada, including both merchant coke producers and integrated steel companies with coke production capacity, and 100% of companies producing coal chemicals in the U.S. and Canada.  Nearly 150 representatives from about 45 companies contribute their knowledge and expertise to enhance the effectiveness of the Institute’s programs.




Cooperative Research Center for Coal in Sustainable develepment

This post has been published on the raccomandation of Cam Howey  (Canada) for the interesting   links  and  researches  in the  coal and coke field.

Research Supporting Cleaner Coal Use

While the following links provide a listing of all Centre reports to date it should also be noted that much of the Centre’s research is also published in the learned academic journals and at relevant conferences.


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Czech Cokemaking Society

The Czech Cokemaking Society was established in 1993 to associate professionals whose work is related to coke and by-product production:fundamental objective is to create a forum where people could exchange opinions and ideas, and together with presenting the most recent knowledge, to be helpful in searching for solutions of the problems outlined above.



ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions Technical Papers

A web-link  which gives fast and direct access to the latest publications of the company  ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions.

Publications regarding new coke oven projects and technologies:

 Technological developments for improvement of the environmental performance of conventional coke plants

Considerations and advantages to build large capacity coke ovens from economical, ecological, and technical point of view.

– EnviBAT Pressure Regulation System for reduction of coke oven emissions”, covering single oven pressure regulation system for coke ovens .


The “Schwelgern Story”
The successful construction of a coking plantwith the world’s largest coke oven batteries.
Number of ovens:               n. 2 batteries of 70 ovens each
Chamber dimensions:
                                              – Length 20.80 m(hot)
                                              – Height 8.34 m
                                              – Width 0.59 m



Cokemaking Associations, Committees and Institutes


  • European Coke Committee ( ECC )
  • COMA – Coke Oven Managers Association


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