Fugitive and Stationary Source Emissions from Coke Plants and Impact on the Local Ambient Air Quality

E. Aries, D. Ciaparra, M. J. Schofield, D. R. Ander
son, N.Schofield and R. Fisher
Corus Research, Development and Technology, Swinden
Technology Centre, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 3AR, UK
Presented by Dr. E. Aries to the Midland Section atCorus Conference Centre, Scunthorpe on the 16th November 2006.

Under a research project in the Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Programme, that started in 2004 (ERAMAC-RFCS-CR-03001:Emissions Reduction through Analysis, Modelling and Control), the Environment Department of Corus Reseach Develop
ment and Technology carried out investigations to characterise fugitive andstationary source releases of VOCs and SVOCs from Dawes Lane Coke Ovens (DLCO, Scunthorpe) and study the impact of the coke oven batteries upon the local ambient air quality. This paper
will present details of the sampling and analytical techniquesdeveloped by Corus UK to measure the targeted organic pollutants from the most significant fugitive and stationary
emission sources of a coke plant. Based on a series of plant measurements, an emissions inventory of VOCs such as benzene, toluene and xylenes, and PAHs such as benzo[a]pyrene is presented. Finally, the results from ambient air measurement carried out in the vicinity of the plant are presented and discussed.


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