Hansa coking plant – the history of the industrial monument

From coal to coke – a trip through the production process in a coking plant

The end – and a truly monumental new beginning

The last coke was pushed out of the ovens on the Hansa coking plant on December 15th 1992 in a solemn and somewhat poignant final ceremony. Over the years the workers had developed an affectionate relationship to the Hansa coking plant despite the harsh working conditions.
When the Hansa coking plant was taken out of operation

in 1992 its future as an industrial monument was not yet secure.

The decision to preserve the Hansa coking plant for future generations was taken at a boom time for industrial monument conservation in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Comprehensive programmes and tools for preserving and redeveloping industrial monuments were created on the basis of the careful use of resources and their sustainability.
Visitors can acquaint themselves with the Hansa coking
plant on the „Nature and Technology“ adventure trail. The
path leads via “transparent” conveyor belt bridges, past
bucket elevators, through coal bunkers to the coke ovens, and via pipe bridges to the „white side“, the „chemical factory“on the coking plant.




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