ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions Technical Papers

A web-link  which gives fast and direct access to the latest publications of the company  ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions.

Publications regarding new coke oven projects and technologies:

 Technological developments for improvement of the environmental performance of conventional coke plants

Considerations and advantages to build large capacity coke ovens from economical, ecological, and technical point of view.

– EnviBAT Pressure Regulation System for reduction of coke oven emissions”, covering single oven pressure regulation system for coke ovens .


The “Schwelgern Story”
The successful construction of a coking plantwith the world’s largest coke oven batteries.
Number of ovens:               n. 2 batteries of 70 ovens each
Chamber dimensions:
                                              – Length 20.80 m(hot)
                                              – Height 8.34 m
                                              – Width 0.59 m



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