The Development of New Iron Making Processes


Takao HARADA, Osamu TSUGE, Isao KOBAYASHI, Reduction Technology Department, Iron Unit Division
Hidetoshi TANAKA, Iron Unit Division
Hiroshi UEMURA, Plant Engineering Department, Iron Unit Division

Kobe Steel, along with MIDREX Technologies, is the world leader in direct reduction (DR) technologies.
Kobe Steel has developed a coal based DR process which utilizes non-coking coal as a reductant instead of natural gas and is expanding the market share in thecoal-based iron-making field. FASTMET, FASTMELT and ITmk3 are low cost processes that produce directlyreduced iron (DRI) without coke, hot-metal without fired- pellets and iron-nuggets without lump-ore, respectively. These processes are currently being, or are about to be used commercially



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