Dear  Readers!

Dear Colleagues!

Many of the experts in the coke-making world, especially not so young, still remember the role played by the COKEMAKING INTERNATIONAL magazine, published by the Verein Deutscher Kokereifachleute (VDKF) Scan15until the year 2002 when it stopped its publication because financial problems. This publication supported the main  international events, the technical knowledge and gave usefull help to  the plant operators, giving  indications about new technologies, materials and world operators. Thank you  to the editorial staff that, with his remarkable personal commitment, made its realization possible.

Without expecting to resemble the aforesaid magazine, the administrators’ basic idea was to develop an useful and specialized tool using the Web for a fast, free and wide diffusion.

It this way it will be possible to gather the interested coke community and to collect  technical articles, information about technologies, news, events, general information and  advertising material.

The development and survival of this initiative, is related to the active participation of the members with regards to the material to be published and the support for an easy  management, that requires a necessary cooperation.

A special spaces are also dedicated to:

– the History  of coke industry in order to collect historical information,   pictures and special links.

– the Education/Training articles and information for new generations. This section, very important, requires a special contribution.


CokemakingWeb is a specialized  technical  “open space “  in the WEB, where to publish articles, advertisements, links, news and events  covering the whole field of coke-making technologies with an International approach:

  • raw materials as coal for blending and carbonization
  • coke quality
  • coke plant engineering and maintenance
  • gas cleaning and coal by –products recovery
  • refractories
  • environmental protection
  • health and safety in coke plant
  • coke making: cultural and technological  history
  • plant/country coke production volume information

Who is interested in it?

  • Coke plant manager and tecnical staff
  • Engineering companies
  • Machineries and refractories  suppliers
  • Coal and carbonization and coke experts
  • Coke plant consultants
  • Researchers
  • Coke associations and committees

Dr. Ing. Roberto Pensa


 …it’is very pity that many interesting articles,  results of a great research job, stay, unused in old proceeding book! 

With this  web site,  we can give  a new life  to useful documentation.

                  Please, publish your papers, if copyright free!